Sleep 79

2019,Sleep79 給資訊產業勞動者的聲音療養院 II,台北

本活動試圖重新詮釋俄羅斯建築師康斯坦丁.梅利尼科夫(Konstantin Melnikov)的《睡眠奏鳴曲》。梅利尼科夫認為睡眠是健康的根本,這位蘇聯時期的建築師提出興建一座多重感官勞工宿舍,結合舒緩放鬆的聲響,讓勞動者獲得良好的睡眠。這個建築概念從未實行;而今,參與此計畫的臺灣聲音藝術家將重構這個想像的聲音地景,打造一處臺灣後工業發展階段,資訊爆炸年代下疲累工作者們的聲音避難所。

「再基地:當實驗成為態度」,鄭淑麗+Matthew Fuller<SLEEP79> 中「給資訊產業勞動者的聲音療養院 II」

Sanatorium for Information Shock-Workers

These events seek to reinterpret Konstantin Melnikov’s plan for the building Sonata of Sleep. Melnikov, an architect during the Soviet era and after, believed sleep was the foundation of health and proposed to build a multi-sensory dormitory that used relaxing and soothing sounds to improve the quality of sleep for the shock-workers of the first five year plan. The architectural scheme was never realized in Melnikov’s lifetime. Now, Taiwan-based sound artists participating in this project will reconstruct Melnikov’s concept and build a sound sanatorium for workers who are exhausted by the constant bombardment of information in this post-industrial era.

▍Artists: Yenting Hsu, Hao-yu Cheng (Electric Bass)
▍Brainwave coding for sound performances: Wang Lien-Cheng
(In this set of performances, sound artists use the data generated from electroencephalograms which capture the brain waves of sleeping audiences.)

Photo Credit: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab